Munich, Jan. 7th 2006
Ralph-Michael Tengler MA

Dear Prof. Gott! (See: ; )

Now some more news to my first introduction below.
I can tell you for now, that the terms time travel, future, past, presence, and more ... have to be defined in a new way,
like the term earth had to be defined new, when it was found, that it was not flat.

We are all time traveling already! Itīs not so impossible as we might think and it works in all directions!
Starting with your book, I intend to make it clear. I hope to get your permission for that,
because itīs going to turn out to a complete different and new system of time traveling.

For example, in my case it started in 1979 and 1980, when two of my most important relatives, my father and my grand auntie died...
So I can tell you, with the indroduction of your book on Time Travel in Einsteinīs Universe in mind, that this email is to be taken very serious. I hope we can get into contact before I start publishing it in the world of science.
And I tell you, Iīm much under pressure to make it soon.

1. Now something real: In my system Einsteins first postulate is not right. The consequences of physical laws cannot look the same for any observer in homogeneous motion with constant speed without changing dircetion. This holds because different observers have different positions and are different persons. Actually this means, that the consequences of physical laws may look the same for any two different observers in any motion, but they really have to be different in every single case. In my system any person actually lives in itīs own world and time!

That makes it necessary for us to understand not only the concept of time travel but even the concept of time in a new way!

2. Here an example for better understanding:

This system developed at first from the question: How can I become older?

This had nothing to do with time travel at that time!

The question arose from a few key experiences, which explain something:
E.G.: To the 90th birthday of my grand auntie in 1980 I visited her and was very much surprised, how well she was looking!
Therefore I said to her: If you are looking that great, you can make it to a 100 years!

But she pressed her arms into her hips, ruffled and said: "Become you 90 first, then we talk again!" That caused me to think a lot, because next came to my mind, that my father deceased the previous year with 55 years. And I was only barely 23 years young! Therefore I said nothing more and really had to think!
I was scarcely 23, she 90! Until I would become perhaps once 90, very much could happen!

With the theory of reincarnation in mind some further lives could well have been necessary to make it once in a while, ...
Now however with my theory and practice of time travel became scientifically proven,
that my grand auntie and I at that time were well 67 years apart, although we were in one room together.
She lived in her time and world and I in my time and world!
She had her past, present and future and I my past, present and future.
Both worlds and times were separated well 67 years.

Obviously we had both our completely own present, past and future, with some times together of course!
This holds for any two persons together anytime anyways!
That is important, in order to be able to understand the system of my time travel from the very beginning!

So my first postulate is: We all, whether dead or alive, live and lived already in our own different (worlds and times).

And this is my second postulate: We all live in one and the same (world and time)!
This does not interfere with postulate one, because worlds differ in size,
but (worlds and correlating times belong together).

Third postulate: Everything, if dead or alive, is connected
in one field of energy (which can be called the mental space-time continuum)
of known or unknown presence, past and future.

These points mark the first very important turning points from your book!
This for the introduction of our possible and hopefully positve contact.

I have to tell you, that I donīt criticize the ideas in your book. My system was complete, before I read your book.
Well, actually it reached a state, that theory and practice complete themselves more and more,
i.e. growing from time to time like a growing tree.

I hope you give permission to me, to cite from your book on time travel and to take it as a base of contemporary investigation of world class science in the field of time travel.

See it as what you have been waitung for. The answer nobody might have hoped to get. I invested my live into it and got so many new lifes out of it, which means that it could be my immortal baby. Investing the years from 22 to 48 (1979-2006) leaving a possible career in computer science on search of the philosophers stone, to talk with Harry Potter and Joanne Rowling.

This reminds me of an incident, when I was two years old. My mother told me, that a famous painter painting a young 100-year-old redwood in a park crossed our way and said, it would get very hard for me to make it, but if I made it, he would like to know, but unfortunately he would not live to get the news. He was Karl Peter Röhl, german painter, 1890-1975.

This for now is by far not everything! This is just the beginning...

There are different options now: We get into an inspiring contact or you get the news in the science literature soon I hope, in the movies, series of new books, new internet games, television, etc.etc....

Best regards

Ralph-Michael Tengler American version missing still...
Anyways itīs still the peak of the iceberg in the internet...on my theory and practice of time travel...

Datum:  08.01.2006 00:27 
Betreff:  Your book and my system on Time Travel 
Hi Prof. Gott,
first I want to introduce myself as german. My name is Ralph-Michael
Tengler and I have my MA in philosophy, logic and theory os sciences from
Munich, germany since 1992. That might be not very outstanding, but as I
found out I was investigating in the field of time travel since at least
27 years already.
Now I read your book on Time Travel in Einsteins Universe, which is a nice
overview over the official up to date state of international investigation
in the field of time travel from you point of view, as a world class theoretical

This (your book above mentioned) is a great book for me to make my first steps in this world of actual
science, for I as you might not believe, have a complete system to
answer lots of your questions, to even giver answers to more and more
questions. The world of time travel is opening now and the system to
handle it, is at hand. Wow, well that starts sounding great, I know.
But let me tell you,... oh I have to change the format of this email,
because this email-sending-system has not enough space ...